Specializing in Strategic Real Estate Acquisitions in High-Growth Markets

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What We Do

Unlocking Real Estate Potential

Imperial Asset Management Company is a leading private real estate asset management firm with a distinguished reputation for delivering exceptional results. We specialize in acquiring and managing residential income-producing properties in high-demand markets.

With decades of professional investment experience, our expertise ranges from the residential housing market and commercial real estate to development and property management. We have a deep understanding of all facets of the real estate industry, giving us a unique edge in our property acquisition and management approach.

At Imperial, we specialize in strategic acquisitions in high-growth markets that have the potential to produce immediate positive cash flow and long-term appreciation. Our strategy seeks to reduce risk and volatility while earning stable revenue and realizing enhanced growth.

What Sets Us Apart

Combining over 100 years of experience with a knowledgeable team, we are able to identify, vet, acquire, and manage assets in high-growth areas that produce above-average returns.

We are hyper-focused on markets with the optimal mix of net population growth, a strong employment base, and adequate housing availability. We seek areas where wages tend to outpace the cost of living due to population and employment gains, producing a market where rent and property appreciation remains strong in various economic conditions.

Four Key Areas Set Us Apart

Our Funding Strategy

Delivers sufficient cash reserves to acquire vetted properties with attractive terms. Access to private funding capital allows us to minimize risk and diminish our reliance on traditional lenders. We strive to leverage assets while reducing dependency on conventional creditors that could increase portfolio risk. This strategy gives us an edge in varying interest rate environments because we have the flexibility to adjust funding sources based on market conditions.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Include proprietary systems and market research to drive investment decisions. This data-centric approach allows us to make informed choices and capitalize on market trends, optimizing the performance of each asset.

Our Proven Track Record

Shows a history of producing profitable returns, establishing us as a trusted partner in residential asset acquisition and management.

Comprehensive Management

Includes a hands-on approach to ensure we maximize the value of each property. Management includes maintaining the asset along with selective value add projects that increase tenant satisfaction, reduce vacancies, and produce sustainable cash flow.

Our Approach

To maximize success and minimize risk, we use a two-prong approach.

Risk Mitigation

All investments come with risks. Our risk mitigation process includes a comprehensive strategy that aims to safeguard assets from potential economic challenges that limit and mitigate investment risks.

Market Analysis

Seasoned analysts conduct a thorough market analysis to pinpoint high-potential locations. The process includes an in-depth understanding of demographic trends, economic indicators, and local housing demand, strategically positioning ourselves for long-term success.

Optimize Performance

Leveraging our extensive experience, we continuously implement proactive strategies to enhance asset performance. From property maintenance to cost optimization and tenant retention, we ensure that each asset realizes its maximum potential.

Steady Cash Flow

The first considers short-term deliverables evaluating immediate and mid-term cash flow potential. After the acquisition, we may implement value add projects to maximize the desirability and profitability of the asset.

Long-Term Appreciation

The second examines ways to amplify long-term growth through property appreciation. Long-term gains begin with the property's location and the growth potential of the market or region. We then consider individualized projects that could accelerate asset appreciation and long-term rents. Considering a property's short- and long-term potential allows us to identify assets with the highest potential for immediate cash flow. While providing avenues to accelerate appreciation through cost-effective value add projects and/or optimal market conditions that will deliver above-average returns. In addition to viewing each property's short- and long-term potential, we rely on our expertise in market analysis, risk mitigation, and optimizing performance to sustain revenue.