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Our real estate acquisition, disposition, and management team is made up of professionals who are closely associated. They rank among the top in their field, and their backgrounds offer a concentration on real estate acquisition, seasoned realtors, property managers, and construction and property improvement consultants. Our team applies a demanding fundamental and technical approach to evaluate each asset and identify opportunities that are the most attractive and will return the best revenue. We look for growth areas that are expanding. This includes population growth, economic growth, and local infrastructure. Selected locations are areas with new businesses that are booming, and not reliant on tourism and travel.

Our team is made up of experts in the research of areas of interest from rental yield trends and demographics to the spending and growth rates of an area.

Our team will evaluate these infrastructure project proposals, amenities including schools and shopping hubs, and new residential developments.

We search out properties that are rental-ready, providing an influx of cash flow immediately unless we first plan to renovate.

Our team searches our properties with amenities that appeal to renters in that area, such as public transit as it is our model to own income-producing properties.

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Our Operations Team

Our Operations Team includes lawyers, compliance professionals, and paralegals who work in conjunction with our Real Estate Team. They have worked many years in the industry and are able to provide legal, securities, transactional, compliance, underwriting, and management oversight.

We have decades of years of combined experience in the commercial financing, real estate, and financial services areas. This combined experience enables us to identify equity-rich real estate opportunities.

We remain current on industry trends, opportunities, and market adjustments. This sustains and industry lead in obtaining undervalued real estate, offering profitable opportunities.

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